Snatched Nutrition High Protein Cookbook

Snatched Nutrition High Protein Cookbook

Snatched by God's Grace
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   If you are looking for healthy, high protein recipes for your flexible (aka tastes good) yet intentional, healthy lifestyle ... this 52 recipe cookbook is for you! 
After over a decade of being a Health Coach, and over two decades as a Personal Trainer I've come to understand that everyBODY is unique, and as a blueprint people need options for a sustainably healthy and enjoyable life. 
Healthy choices cannot be extreme.  This is not a recipe book that is limited to vegan only, gluten or dairy free only, keto only etc.  This recipe book has ALL options and you get to pick and choose which ones fit your lifestyle.
Some awesome core features:
  • Myfitnesspal barcodes help you track your macros if that's what you're into.
  • There are two Sample Meal Plan options complete with Grocery List breakdowns.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Treats & Smoothie options are all included.
  • Easy follow step-by-step instructions, clean layout & photos make the cooking process enjoyable.
  • GF, DF, High Protein, Meal Prep, Under 30 min, Contains nuts & no nuts are all the different ways you can decide how to prepare for the week.
  • FlipBook feature allows you to really feel like you're, in real life turning the pages!
Additional features:
  • Subscribe to Tara Malia TV for upcoming LIVE in the kitchen episodes to follow along with the cookbook.
  • Join The Official Get Snatched Challenge if you are looking for a fitness & nutrition community that is health conscious, positive, informative, and supportive TEXT "GET SNATCHED" to (469) 980 - 6629 xoxo Coach T
Flexible eating with intention brings results that taste great!

Plan your week ahead of time!

Created with Love and you in mind from xoxo Coach T

Breakfast options

Complete with Myfitness Pal tracker and Specifics about food categories.

Quick & Simple Healthy Snacks

Sweet & Savory Lunches

Dinner for 4+ in under 20 minutes